Your Fun Big Show: A Complete Recital Planning Course


It’s time to cue the music and light the lights! From theme to theater and planning to production, Your Fun Big Show is a Complete Recital Planning Course with an extra fun Confetti factor! We’ll provide you with a proven formula and lots of tools to plan the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, CONFETTI-ational Fun Big Show ever!

This Course allows you to listen and learn at your own pace to nearly 3 hours of recorded presentations from Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg! They share their very detailed, time-tested approach and nearly 30 years of experience of WOWing their audiences with their year-end shows at Rhythm Dance Center!

During the course, you’ll have front row seats to topics like: 

  • How to get yourself in the zone to create the most fun show!
  • A planning calendar and timeline for your entire season to execute every aspect of Your Fun Big Show
  • Selecting and announcing a recital theme that generates excitement throughout your studio
  • Branding your entire year around your show theme, including the importance of a show logo and marketing your theme to attract and retain students
  • Holding a recital retreat to plan your entire Fun Big Show in one sitting
  • Structuring your show to captivate your audience and tell a story
  • Creating full-out preschool productions within your show that delight your dancers and your audience
  • Adding a WOW factor to all things recital!

In addition to the recorded courses, all participants have unlimited access to Your Fun Big Show Dropbox with a complete Recital Retreat Planning Guide, including:

  • Recital Planning Checklist and Tips
  • Master Spreadsheet Template to track, plan and organize your show details
  • Fun planning retreat ideas — whether your “retreat” is a few hours, a full day or a whole weekend!
  • Recital Resource Guide — we’ll share our best sources for backdrops, flowers, graphics and design for promotional materials

Upgrade to the VIP Experience where you will receive all of the above, PLUS…

  • Recital Packet Canva Design Template & Tutorial Video- This template provides all the sections you will need to create a recital packet to share with your families outlining the details for Your Fun Big Show! It includes a fully designed packet with place holders for your photos, as well as some sample text. And everything is editable, so you can customize it to make it your own. Our tutorial video makes it super easy for you!
  • Recital Program Checklist - This checklist provides a guide to writing each section of your recital program plus two samples of our past programs. Note: It does not cover any details about selling ads in your program. The focus is on creating a fun, memorable program that guides your families through the show and also serves as a keepsake for your dancers!
  • Recital Theme Ideas - A list of fun recital theme ideas and creative ways to name Your Fun Big Show!

Purchase for Your Fun Big Show and let us help you make recital planning FUN!

Listen to this podcast for a full course outline and other fun recital planning details.