Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg

We know fun + dance! 

chief confetti creators

Becca Moore

Dani Rosenberg

Confetti on the Dance Floor and Twirl were created by Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg of Rhythm Dance Center. with more than 26 years experience, Becca and Dani are known for the fun + festive atmosphere of Rhythm, located in Marietta, Georgia. Rhythm is currently home to over 1100 dancers, as well as hundreds of esteemed alums like Melanie Moore, SYTYCD season 8 winner! Becca and Dani have also been featured on the cover of Dance Teacher Magazine!


confetti operating officer

Shelley Marshall

Shelley is your go-to girl for all things Confetti. She’s writes our blog, handles all sales and is ready to answer all your questions about how Confetti on the Dance Floor and Twirl can add a fun + festive flair to your studio!


freestyle confetti contributors

We are blessed to have an amazing, talented and creative faculty at our studio, Rhythm Dance Center. We draw inspiration from our staff and incorporate their ideas and feedback into many of the activities we create for Confetti on the Dance Floor! We love our freestyle confetti contributors!