As successful dance studio owners for the past 30+ years, we’ve learned so many things about owning a business and running a dance studio. We love collaborating with our dance community and sharing our ideas, inspirations and strategies with fellow studio owners and dance teachers! Through our blog, we do as much of that as we can on a regular basis. But, some topics just need more time, attention, and detail. Enter Confetti Courses! With each Confetti Course we launch, we’ll be bringing you our collective insight, experience and tried-and-true strategies on topics.

Every Confetti Course will be unique in its depth and offering, ranging from fun mini-sessions to full-fledged courses. All Confetti Courses are fully online with downloadable materials. Some courses will include videos or voice overs and others will be entirely written. You can read each Confetti Course description to find out exactly what it includes. No matter what, you can expect every course to be thorough, chock-full of valuable and relevant info to the dance world and of course FUN!