Sharktacular Shenanigans - Download


Where do sharks go on vacation? Fin-land! But for summer dance camp, baby sharks go to Sharktacular Shenanigans! Dive into summer on a jawsome jaunt where tiny dancers will groove their way under the sea in this tap, hip hop and creative movement camp. They’ll discover a legendary shipwreck holding a bejeweled hidden treasure chest! Their underwater friends will help them search for the prized treasure, and in addition to dancing, they’ll create a little fun and mischief along the way! Stella the Stellar Starfish will guide them through the sandy ship with her jellyfish friends to Pearl’s “Clam”orous Palazzo Party and Eel-ectric Eel-i’s fun 80s Neon Party. And who knows, at the end of the camp, maybe these fintastic friends will lead them to the glistening treasure! Your baby shark will have fun up to the gills with the dancing, antics, fun crafts and more on this sharktacular adventure!

Preschool Ages 2.5 - 6