Paint the Town with Confetti - Download


This product is a download!

Everyone loves a fun night out on the town, especially when it involves a little sparkle. And, it’s always a great idea to add a little sparkle into dance class! This download is the perfect, colorful preschool dance class activity with just the right balance of fun + fancy!

Paint the Town with Confetti is an affordable download that includes FIVE fun + exciting activities for dance class that you can use during your regular dance season or as a special dance party/day camp session on a weekend, during a break or over the summer! The fun and festiveness of Paint the Town Rainbow includes activities involving tap and creative movement. Your download also includes fun ideas for suggested decor and props, but mostly focuses on DANCE! Your dancers will love painting the town with all the confetti fanciness!

So grab your fancy best and get ready to Paint the Town with Confetti!

Paint the Town with Confetti is designed for ages 3-7 but can be adapted for most young dancers.