Confetti Cake Remix - Download


This product is a download!

Dance class is oh-so-sweet and full of sugary beats with Confetti Cake Remix! Your dancers are in for a delicious treat with this high-energy dance party filled with all the ingredients you need for FUN!

Confetti Cake Remix includes 5 fresh + sweet activities for dance class that you can use during your regular dance season or as a special dance party/day camp session on a weekend, during a break or over the summer! The sweet moves in Confetti Cake Remix can be incorporated into jazz and hip hop as well as just fun creative movement! To make things even sweeter, your download also includes fun ideas for suggested decor and props!

BONUS: This download also includes a FREE Virtual Lesson Plan should you need to hold Confetti Cake Remix as a virtual dance party!

So, get ready to bake up some FUN and see how Twirl to Go and Confetti Cake Remix make dance class a SWEET TREAT!

Confetti Cake Remix is designed for ages 3-7 but can be adapted for most young dancers.