CarnivalPalooza FunFair - Download


This product is a download!

Step right up – we’ve got your ticket to ride (and dance) with the CarnivalPalooza FunFair! This is no average fair...Your dancers will have a twisty-twirling time on this thrilling ride, and we’re not clowning around!

CarnivalPalooza FunFair includes 5 fun + exciting activities for dance class that you can use during your regular dance season or as a special dance party/day camp session on a weekend, during a break or over the summer! The fun and amusement of the CarnivalPalooza FunFair includes movement that can be incorporated into tap, ballet and even jazz classes! And everyone loves a carnival, so your download also includes fun ideas for suggested decor and props, but mostly focuses on DANCE!

BONUS: This download also includes a FREE Virtual Lesson Plan should you need to hold your CarnivalPalooza FunFair as a virtual dance party!

So, step right up, get your ticket today and let Twirl to Go and the CarnivalPalooza FunFair take your dance class on a thrilling ride!

CarnivalPalooza FunFair is designed for ages 3-7 but can be adapted for most young dancers.