Twirl Lilac - Fun + Freshly Updated!



Purchase 30 or more and save $4 per Twirl Pack ($24 per Twirl Pack instead of $28)!

Designed for Ages 3-4

Twirl LILAC is a fun + fanciful approach to dance class that’s like adding a dance party to your preschool classes once per month! This fun program fits right into your existing preschool curriculum and serves as a supplement offering creative, outside-the-box activities for your tiny dancers, complete with captivating characters, catchy rhymes and a super fun activity book! 

Each Twirl level includes a Teacher Guide with detailed activities centered around a fun theme and a dance focus for each lesson. The teacher guide includes lots of extra details in it as well, including fun ideas of how to decorate your dance room for each theme! 

The teacher will also receive a coordinating Twirl Sticker sheet for each lesson in the book with enough stickers on each sheet to give one sticker to each dancer for each lesson! 

In addition, each dancer receives:

  • A fun + colorful twirl activity book demonstrating age-appropriate dance steps and proper terminology in a creative + fun way. Teachers will store the book throughout the season and provide it to the dancer at the graduation celebration! 
  • A fancy Twirl ribbon for adorning your dancers’ dance bag. Dancer’s receive their Twirl ribbon on the first day of dance and each week, you can reward good behavior by adding a sparkly adhesive rhinestone to the ribbon!
  • A Twirl graduation celebration certificate to be presented at the end of the dance year. You can personalize it and throw some confetti their way to celebrate their successful dance year!

#MakeDanceFun by adding Twirl to your studio today! It is sure to spark creativity between you and your dancers, bringing additional elements of fun + excitement to your dance classes, without taking away from your core curriculum. 

What is included in a Twirl Pack?

A Twirl Pack includes the fun tools, resources and accessories you will receive when you receive your Twirl order in the mail! 

  • One Teacher Guide!
  • One Twirl Book per dancer (Ex: if you order 10 Twirl Packs, you will receive 10 Twirl Books)
  • One Twirl Ribbon per dancer + an extra! (Ex. if you order 10 Twirl Packs, you will receive 11 Twirl Ribbons)
  • One Twirl Certificate per dancer + an extra (Ex. if you order 10 Twirl Packs, you will receive 11 Twirl Certificates)
  • 10 Sticker Sheets to coordinate with the 10 lessons. Each sheet has several extras included!

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