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As successful dance studio owners for the past 25+ years, we’ve learned so many things about owning a business and running a dance studio. We love collaborating with our dance community and sharing our ideas, inspirations and strategies with fellow studio owners and dance teachers! Through our blog, we do as much of that as we can on a regular basis. But, some topics just need more time, attention, and detail. Enter Confetti Courses! With each Confetti Course we launch, we’ll be bringing you our collective insight, experience and tried-and-true strategies on topics.

Every Confetti Course will be unique in its depth and offering, ranging from fun mini-sessions to full-fledged courses. All Confetti Courses are fully online with downloadable materials. Some courses will include videos or voice overs and others will be entirely written. You can read each Confetti Course description to find out exactly what it includes. No matter what, you can expect every course to be thorough, chock-full of valuable and relevant info to the dance world and of course FUN!

Stay tuned over the coming months as we launch additional Confetti Courses!


Confetti Circle LIVE!

Confetti Circle LIVE!

Dec. 6, 2018

Experience Twirl and all our Confetti fun up-close and personal through this one-day event hosted by Confetti Creators and Rhythm Dance Center owners Becca Moore and Dani Rosenberg!

Confetti Circle LIVE will be full of fab Confetti fun and lots of learning experiences! Have you been considering adding our Twirl Preschool Program to your studio, but you haven't taken the step yet because you aren't sure how it works or exactly how you would implement it? This event is perfect for you! Or, are you already using Twirl at your studio but want to give it an extra boost? Yep, Confetti Circle LIVE is for you, too! We'll be sharing all the details about how we use Twirl at our studio, how you can implement it at yours, and we'll also be holding an actual Twirl demonstration so you can see first-hand how Twirl (and all our Confetti products) can help you make dance fun at your studio!

In addition to touring Rhythm Dance Center, you will also learn tips on how to hold your own photo shoot (without being a pro!) and create amazing photos you can use to promote Twirl, your preschool program and your studio in general. And of course, we'll have plenty of built-in time for Q&As...specifically on topics you send us in advance that you want to discuss! Registration also includes a free Twirl to Go activity so that you can take all that you learn and immediately implement it even if you aren’t already a Twirl studio!

Click here to see the full agenda.

  • DATE: Thursday, December 6, 2018
  • TIME: 11a.m. - 6p.m.
  • LOCATION: Roswell, Georgia

Registration includes coffee/tea/water, light snacks, lunch and a FREE Twirl to Go download! Attendees will receive more detailed information after registering.

Note: Limited to 20 attendees; Must have 6 registered attendees by Nov. 26, 2018, to hold event at full scope described. No trade-in value for Twirl to Go download.


Dec. 6, 2018

Confetti Circle LIVE!

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Fabric Shopping in NYC: A Complete Guide for Designing Custom Costumes

Fabric Shopping in NYC: A Complete Guide for Designing Custom Costumes

We put a lot of time and effort into designing costumes for our performing companies, and we are asked so many questions year-after-year about how we do it, where we shop, and what are our secrets. So, this Course is our tell-all of how we navigate the Garment District in NYC and our complete design process for our custom costumes! We include tips on how to find and work with a seamstress, fabric tips, a listing of all our favorite NYC stores, where to stay and eat while in NYC, sample itineraries, downloadable worksheets for planning and designing your costumes, body forms for sketching your designs, and so much more!

And, even if you know you won't make it to NYC for a full-on fabric buying trip, if you are considering embarking on the challenge of designing your own custom costumes, our course is still for you! It's way more than just a shopping guide! We dedicate an entire section to sharing all our secrets of how we create our costumes by walking you step-by-step through our design process. We even showcase a costume we designed in the recent past as a case study example you can follow! This Course is packed with more than 30-pages of content, advice, resources, expertise and inspiration to help the beginner on their very first custom costume or to provide the more experienced designer with creative tools to elevate your custom costumes to the next level!



$275 introductory price through 11/26 only!

Fabric Shopping in NYC: A Complete Guide for Designing Custom Costumes

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